Links of the day 12/12/12

Some interesting links today:

Javascript: – Js Proxies (PDF)

Microsoft: – Is MS making a mistake by bringing Office into iOS?

Security: – IE vulnerability allows an attacker to track your mouse movements. – More on the IE vulnerability. – A trojan for the mac that could trick you into paying pricey cellphone fees.

Web development: – Don’t hide content on mobile, and other advices.

VIM: – Nice VIM multi-cursor show-off.

PC: – Why you should by the cheap version of acer’s C7.

Interior Design: – Do it, like the Japanese do.

Other: – About retirement founds in Mexico. (Spanish) – free home wireless by freedompop – Dotcom is costing New Zealand Millions. – Dish to build next generation LTE network by 2016


Links of the day 12/11/2012

I have been just sharing links these last few posts, and sadly, today is not the exception. I am aware there are a few posts that need to be written, and I need to continue on that series that I started about building AIR Apps, but time has just not been too kind with me lately. Anyway, I hope this links can keep you busy.

Javascript: – Just a quick intro to document fragment. – Javascript defer for a cleaner code. – Getting started with three.js – Plugins VS Components. Interesting. – Namespaces are old school, use modules. – A look into why AMD is better than commonjs modules. Is it?

VIM: – Improved VIM status bar. Nice!

HTML 5 – The phone link protocol. – The vibrating API. Lets hope it does not get abused.

WordPress: – Quick and easy way to force SSL on wordpress sites. – WordPress security best practices.

Interior Design:

Ubuntu – How to create Ubuntu packages. (Spanish)

Design: – Free icon sets.

Ruby: – A ruby tutorial that I have not yet followed, but I share in case you are interested. (Spanish)

Other: – Nice explanation on how to create twitter cards. – Black and white backgrounds. Mostly pictures, and some of them are not really B&W, but still interesting. – Twitter keeps track of the sites you visit. And how to stop it. (Spanish) – A postcast about development tools. – A website that seems to offer good deals on resources for web professionals.

Enjoy the readings, and don’t hate me for posting nothing but links these last few rounds.