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Links of the Day

Some may be repeated from previous posts. I have been reviewing old reads lately. (Not very interesting, or useful, but just for the record…)

Even more links

Some may say I’m not even running a blog anymore since all I do is share links. The truth is that there is so much material out there, and some of it deserves to be shared. That, and also the fact that I’ve hadn’t taken the time to write some content of my own. I do, however, have two of a few articles that I’m writing for a series called Practical PHP Applications. I haven’t decided yet if I will publish them here or look for a place in a site specialized in php, but I will let you know when I decided.

Anyway, here is a big list of links not arranged in any order. Some of them are in Spanish, so just click around and hope to be lucky! (This one I searched for after getting a few calls from ceylon tech) (Interesting Analog clock with SQL)

There are a whole lot more links where these came from, but unless you are addicted to reading like me, then I think it is enough for today.

A bunch of links

Today, after a long time without new posts, I bring you a big bunch of links. Some of them are old news, some are just interesting articles. They are not all related to programming and they are not sorted in any specific way, so just click and hope to be lucky!

I have tons of other tabs open on my firefox windows (yes, plural), and as soon as I determine whether they make the list or not, I will share the urls with you.

Links of the Day 12/23/2012

I have some links to share today. I have been too busy lately, so they are just a few. No description today, so just go ahead and click on a link and hope to be lucky!

Links of the day 12/12/12

Some interesting links today:

Javascript: – Js Proxies (PDF)

Microsoft: – Is MS making a mistake by bringing Office into iOS?

Security: – IE vulnerability allows an attacker to track your mouse movements. – More on the IE vulnerability. – A trojan for the mac that could trick you into paying pricey cellphone fees.

Web development: – Don’t hide content on mobile, and other advices.

VIM: – Nice VIM multi-cursor show-off.

PC: – Why you should by the cheap version of acer’s C7.

Interior Design: – Do it, like the Japanese do.

Other: – About retirement founds in Mexico. (Spanish) – free home wireless by freedompop – Dotcom is costing New Zealand Millions. – Dish to build next generation LTE network by 2016

Links of the day 12/11/2012

Yet another list of links. The last list is also marked as 12/11/2012. When I did it it was past 12, and I forgot to subtract 1 from the date. I hope it is not too confusing.

HTML 5 – Quick intro to the pointer media query.

Security: – The alert word for a malware that steals credit card data from point of sale terminals.

WordPress: – Version 3.5 is out!

Javascript: – Nothing new about if statements, but still worth reading for a good memory refresh.

Github: – No more uploads on github.

Other: – Netflix says google fiber is the fastest ISP in America. Lucky those who have it. – New $99 google laptops. (Spanish) – New foam technology to stop internal bleeding on wounded soldiers. (Spanish)

Links of the day 12/11/2012

I have been just sharing links these last few posts, and sadly, today is not the exception. I am aware there are a few posts that need to be written, and I need to continue on that series that I started about building AIR Apps, but time has just not been too kind with me lately. Anyway, I hope this links can keep you busy.

Javascript: – Just a quick intro to document fragment. – Javascript defer for a cleaner code. – Getting started with three.js – Plugins VS Components. Interesting. – Namespaces are old school, use modules. – A look into why AMD is better than commonjs modules. Is it?

VIM: – Improved VIM status bar. Nice!

HTML 5 – The phone link protocol. – The vibrating API. Lets hope it does not get abused.

WordPress: – Quick and easy way to force SSL on wordpress sites. – WordPress security best practices.

Interior Design:

Ubuntu – How to create Ubuntu packages. (Spanish)

Design: – Free icon sets.

Ruby: – A ruby tutorial that I have not yet followed, but I share in case you are interested. (Spanish)

Other: – Nice explanation on how to create twitter cards. – Black and white backgrounds. Mostly pictures, and some of them are not really B&W, but still interesting. – Twitter keeps track of the sites you visit. And how to stop it. (Spanish) – A postcast about development tools. – A website that seems to offer good deals on resources for web professionals.

Enjoy the readings, and don’t hate me for posting nothing but links these last few rounds.

Links of the Day 12/07/2012

Some links for a nice reading time: A nice comparison of different linux distributions. The R programming language. I also have a link where you can learn it on an easy way. An Introduction to the R language This article highlights some of the readability problems with CoffeScript. the Nodefly blog. Although I think there are more beautiful places in the world, this video does show pretty beautiful ones. An interesting analysis on why programming languages succeed or fail. A talk about writing extensible jQuery plugins, plus links to more videos. An article about listening to your users and facilitating means for them to fulfill their needs on your system. This article is basically a very long way to say that all pictures are modified in a way or another, even before you put them on the computer.

I have more links, but for today, those should be enough 😉

Links of the Day – 12/06/2012

Today I have a few links to share with your. Some of them quite interesting. They were my reading for the last few days, and gathered through twitter mainly, and some through hacker news. A few of them are just links that were presented on some of the reads that I share here. So if, like me, you tend to follow links on the articles you read, some of these links might be repeated by the ones present on some articles to which these links point.

Server-related: – Nginx article on wikipedia – The official site of meteor framework. – If you want to know what meteor is, read this article.

Social Media – Mildly interesting article about 3 things you should not do on twitter.

Events – The about page for the Fluent 2013. Be sure to check the Fluent 2012 videos.

Optimization – SVG optimization via media queries. (From 2009) – Facebook talks about its new Hip Hop VM.

Security – Very short introduction to XSS. If you know even a little about XSS, this won’t add anything new. (Spanish) – The Evil js github page. – Slides for a talk about security through iFrames. – Related to the previous link. Sandbox js is a library to implement security through iFrames

Python – Long Polling in Python with Pyramid. Interesting implementation of long polling demonstrated with a tic-tac-toe game. Code available for download!

Nodejs – The event loop in nodejs – Knowing when to use Nodejs

Other – An interesting talk about monotasking – Interesting read if you are an entrepreneur. – Interesting Menu effects. Although I hope they don’t become the new trend, just like some other effects like this one have. I think they are nice because they are unique, but once you start seeing them everywhere, the novelty wears out, and only the annoyance stays. – Push technology on Wikipedia. – The Facebook github repository.