Sick and Tired of Most People

Today, I read the news about the father of Javascript stepping down from hist role as CEO of Mozilla after just 10 days since he took that role. The reason for this is that he donated $1,000.00 to a proposition to ban gay marriage in Californa, and people didn’t like that.

I have my own views on the gay marriage issue. I may not agree with you, but I sure will not discriminate, judge, and bully you because your views are different than mine. I don’t agree with Brendan Eich’s views on the matter, but I respect his opinion.

The one thing that really bothers me in this controversy is the reaction of many people. It seems to me that gay advocates, and activists are at least just as intolerant as anti-gay people are. For example, OK cupid went as far as denying service to anyone who uses Firefox ( This is unacceptable. This is a great demonstration of intolerance, and abusive action. Rarebit is asking Brendan to apologize ( No one should ever have to apologize for their opinions. We apologize for our actions, not for our thoughts.

I think marriage should not be a legal issue. Marriage should be a fundamental right such as the right to live. It should not be open for questioning, nor should it be denied to anybody. I don’t care what the Bible says, or what my religious views teach, I will always support the rights of others, even if they differ with my personal views because as soon as I try to take away other people’s rights, I’m stating that it is OK for others to take away mine.

Please, keep that in mind when you read the following:

I’ve had enough of these activists people. I’ve had enough of the LGBT movement. I’ve had enough of all the crap going around. If you are gay, lesbian, bi, or trans, I respect that. I will be the first to help you on anything I can if I see you in trouble. I will respectfully turn you down when you flirt with me, and I will be your friend if you are the kind of people that I like to hang out with. I will not, however, congratulate you for being “brave”, I will not think of you as more (or less) than anybody else, I will not believe that you being LGBT entitles you to any more, nor any less rights than anybody else, I will not fight for you cause, because you don’t have one. What you have is a sexual preference, and that is nothing special to have. We all have one.

You are not special in any way, you don’t get a free pass if you disrespect me, you don’t get to have special treatment. I am telling you that you are equal to anybody else, and I think that is the best thing you can get, if you truly want equality. If what you are looking for is special treatment, you don’t get that with me. I am tired of those who actively push their sexual orientation onto others, gay or straight.

Those are my views on this subject, and while I am aware that the LGBT community is only fighting for their rights, I don’t support their methods in many cases.