Links of the Day – 12/16/2012

Some of the links I have for you today are old. They have been sitting there on one or another of my many firefox windows.

Security: – hecky takes us through a brute force attack using the command line. (Spanish)

Mozilla – About the future for mozilla in the mobile world. – Mozilla launches FFOS simulator as a FF addon.

Terminal – A collection of some unix tools.

Programming: – About the benefit of typing code rather than copying and pasting.

Microsoft: – 10 reasons why IE 10 is best for business.

Javascript: – A list of javascript game engines.

Life: – An invitation to live the life you want, no the one you got by default. – Facebook for android is now native. Bye bye to HTML5

Other: – Someone’s rant about 24-bit color. – Changes to the goolge apps for businesses. – An introduction to static site generators.


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