Links of the Day – 12/06/2012

Today I have a few links to share with your. Some of them quite interesting. They were my reading for the last few days, and gathered through twitter mainly, and some through hacker news. A few of them are just links that were presented on some of the reads that I share here. So if, like me, you tend to follow links on the articles you read, some of these links might be repeated by the ones present on some articles to which these links point.

Server-related: – Nginx article on wikipedia – The official site of meteor framework. – If you want to know what meteor is, read this article.

Social Media – Mildly interesting article about 3 things you should not do on twitter.

Events – The about page for the Fluent 2013. Be sure to check the Fluent 2012 videos.

Optimization – SVG optimization via media queries. (From 2009) – Facebook talks about its new Hip Hop VM.

Security – Very short introduction to XSS. If you know even a little about XSS, this won’t add anything new. (Spanish) – The Evil js github page. – Slides for a talk about security through iFrames. – Related to the previous link. Sandbox js is a library to implement security through iFrames

Python – Long Polling in Python with Pyramid. Interesting implementation of long polling demonstrated with a tic-tac-toe game. Code available for download!

Nodejs – The event loop in nodejs – Knowing when to use Nodejs

Other – An interesting talk about monotasking – Interesting read if you are an entrepreneur. – Interesting Menu effects. Although I hope they don’t become the new trend, just like some other effects like this one have. I think they are nice because they are unique, but once you start seeing them everywhere, the novelty wears out, and only the annoyance stays. – Push technology on Wikipedia. – The Facebook github repository.