Links of the Day (Vim Edition) – 11/27/2012

After being obsessed about trying to find a vim talk, which I have not yet found, I ended up with a bunch of tabs open on my already cluttered firefox windows (that’s right, with an s). I decided to make the links of the day post for today exclusively about vim. Most of the links here were found via Hacker News, duckduckgo, or by following links on the articles found via the previous two methods.

Since all of this links point to articles about vim, I will not explain them, just leave each link on each line. Some articles are merely interesting, while others are really useful. Another thing I recommend, and which I’ve been doing, is reading the help pages in vim. Next time you open vim, type :help, and take a moment to read one of the pages there. Read one page every time you open vim, and you will progressively increase your vim knowledge.

Here are the links:

These are quite a few links, so why don’t you grab a cup of tea and have a long read?