Links of the Day – 11/24/2012

I’ve been reading some interesting articles these last few days. Unfortunately I hadn’t had time to share them here, but I decided that today was a good day to do it.

Useful Links – Via a title on hacker news I learned about this site for finding cheap flight. I might try it next time I’m planning a trip. – If you don’t have time to read the papers, this is the perfect site for you.

Programming – Interesting article. I recommend you read it if you like to see programming from different perspectives. – A very interesting article, although, not as much as the Bret Victor’s talk that it links to. Nonetheless, I highly recommend you read this article, and as you do, follow the links on it. They are highly interesting too. – A very well written view into extremist programming, and why the wrong tool is sometimes the right tool.

Developer Stories – If you like math, and graphs, you will like this post.

Development – You may or may not agree with all that is in this article, but one thing is true, if you want to stay relevant as a developer, you need to stay up to date on the new technologies.

Design – Consistency in icon design is one of those posts that tell you nothing that you don’t already know, yet reading it can refresh your memory, which is always a good idea. – Great Article on how to choose a more effective color for your website. – Batch is a very nice icons set. I think I might use it on some of my designs.

Tech – A self-filling water bottle. Seriously, if you need more than that to read this article, you have no curiosity at all, and you’ve died inside.

Mobile – I don’t get too excited by mobile, but if you do, you might enjoy this post where they talk about jolla, which is yet another mobile OS.

Other – Personally I’ve never been a fan of Steve Jobs, but I still read most articles that I find about him, providing they are not written by brainless mac fanboys that idolize him to the bone. Funny enough, I’ve found out that the more I read about him, the more I dislike him. – Definitely my favorite post of the day when I read it. It talks about the quiet car in Amtrak, and how it has become the one place where quiet people have taken a stand. I think I like the post because I can relate to the people who ride the quite cars. – If you send news letters for your website, you need to know about sendicate.

All of this links were found via hacker news.