Links of the Day – 11/15/2012

Whit this post I start a new category on the blog. I will be sharing the URLs to articles that I’ve read on that day or the previous days and that I found interesting. So, here they are:

Design and Web Development: As the title says, a manifesto on web designing done directly on the browser. Via search on (yeap, I don’t use google! Say no to the bubble!) Get free virtual machines for testing on old versions of IE. Via Hacker News

Programming: A cool site for programmers. Just check it out! A presentation on Python programming language. A book on algorithms. Via Hacker News A bug report that causes touchmove and touchend events not to be fired if preventDefault is not called on touchstart. Found after dealing with this problem on a project. Developing with backbone.js via Hacker News.

Security: Cracking Skype accounts. Via Hacker News Password are obsolete. Via Hacker News. Rob Pike on OOP. Via Hacker News.

Other Interesting Articles: An article about eating habits through history. Via Hacker News. About selling games on the conventional way. Via Hacker News. Facebook likes and how they could spam your friends. Via Hacker News.