Mr. AT&T, Could You Stop Blocking Port 25?

Well, I just lost more than 4 hours trying to get my localhost to work. Amazing how much time we can waste on simple tasks. Especially, when we are stubborn.

A while back I showed you how to set your local server to send out email. That is really a simple task, but it can become an impossible task if your ISP decides to block port 25, which AT&T does. To some extent, I’m contempt with the internet service I get for aforementioned ISP, but today I just want to kill them.

Since they have decided to block port 25, I cannot send email from my locally installed wordpress instances. Is this important? Not most of the time, but when my project requires emails to be sent, then it becomes a problem. Sometimes you can just do little tricks like printing out the content of the email, and that is OK. After all, you are on development phase, and you know to disable the line that prints out the text when your project goes live. But when the whole project depends on emails being sent, and those emails have attachments, then that is a different story.

Fortunately, there is an open network that I can connect to. This seems not to block port 25, so I was able to determine that the settings on my configuration file for postfix are OK, and that it works. I was able to send emails to a gmail account. Not to hotmail account since, according to the mail logs, they don’t seem to accept incoming email from dynamic IPs.

For now, I’ve decided to wait until tomorrow and call my ISP help desk, and see what I can do about that.

If you wish to read more on the subject, I suggest the following: (spanish)

There is also this nice website to find out if a port is open on your network. Although, that is for incoming connections, rather than outgoing: