Creating ER Diagrams from Your Database

About a week ago, I discovered that was gone. The site seems to have been terminated, which is really sad. On the other hand, I think it is rude from the developers to just shut the site down without any warning. At least I didn’t get any. There is people who used to rely on this service. At the moment, I was using the service in collaboration with another person creating a small application.

This situation force me to look for a solution to one of the problems the site left me with. I am too used to seeing an ER diagram of the databases I work with. Now I had no way to do this. I finally decided to install MySQL workbench, but I found an interesting solution. I am not using that because it was not exactly what I needed. However, I think it is interesting enough to share it here.

The solution is posted on:

It uses SQL Fairy And I think it is an interesting solution for when you want to, for example, share a visual interpretation of your database.

It is really a shame that is gone. The site never really had a way to contact the developer, and if it did, it was well hidden. I send them a couple of tweets, but nothing. I never got a reply.