Installing an FTP Server on Ubuntu

I had been postponing this task for some time now thinking that it would be time consuming. However, it is actually pretty simple.

Since I did not know of any FTP server, I did a quick search:

aptitude search ftp

I got a bunch of results but I decided to try vsftp after seeing somewhere that it was the default daemon for linux. So I just ran

sudo apt-get install vsftpd

And that is it. I’m done.

I tested using fireftp on my other machine and it connects via ftp to the server. Now, this setup is just for an in-house server. If you plan on opening your ftp server to the outside world, you should read more about the matter, and read the man pages for vsftpd.

Also take a look at the configuration file located on /etc/vsftpd.conf

Some links that might be useful:
This last link is just a search results list. One one of those result previews is where I read that vsftpd is the default ftp daemon on linux, but the link, which points to is unreadable.


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