Changing GIMP’s Splash Image

Today I was, for no particular reason, looking at GIMP’s manual page:

man gimp

and I learned that you can change the splash image that appears when you start GIMP. This way you can personalise GIMP for example with your company’s logo. In order to do that, You just need to place an image on ~/.gimp-2.6/ under the name gimp-splash.png. We are assuming that you are using GIMP 2.6 here. If your GIMP version is different, read the gimp man page, or just look at your HOME directory to see what the name of the directory is.

Once you do that, start GIMP and enjoy.

I think this is a neat “trick” you can use to further personalise your machine. After all, most of us like to have them personalised to the bone, or should I say to the chip?

Another neat trick is to load a random image. This is very simple to do. Just create a directory and name it splashes under ~/.gimp-2.6, then add your images there. There is no mention of whether they have to be of a certain size, so I assume size does not matter, and I would only use png files, but I don’t know if that is required.