QuickTip: Opening Files from Remote Server over FTP with Vim Using FireFTP

I use FireFTP for my daily FTP needs. It’s really nice, works great, has lots of flexibility and it integrates right into firefox; What else could I ask for?

I also use vim for my editing needs. Vim is powerful, flexible, and in my experience, the best text editor out there. However, until today,I opened files from remote servers using gEdit. When I first set up FireFTP I was still a gEdit user. Even today, I occasionally use gEdit, especially when I need to scan through large files.

Today I finally decided it was time to start opening files from remote servers on vim after finding myself using a lot of the vim commands on gEdit while editing remote files. It turns out setting files to open on vim in FireFTP is quite simple:

Simply open FireFTP.
On one of the panels, right-click on a file and go to Open With, and click on Add Programs…
On the window that appears, fill in the Name, Path, and Arguments text fields like this:

Name -> Vim
Path -> /usr/bin/terminator
Arguments -> -x vim %file%

I use terminator instead of the gnome terminal, but if you use terminal, then your path will be /usr/bin/gnome-terminal

That’s it.