Those People Will Kill the Web, We Should Kill Them Frist.

I must say right away that I’m angry. If you don’t like to read posts where people just go on ranting about something that really pisses them off, you should move along. Go watch some cool video on youtube or read a more interesting blog.

Today I’m finally going to do it. I’m going to publicly express my anger against you people who call yourselves web developers when you know nothing about development. You know nothing about how the browsers work, you know nothing about how the servers work, and finally, you know nothing about how the web works. You are just lucky you found out about wordpress and wordpress plugins.

Let me be clear here that this is not a post against wordpress. I find wordpress to be quite interesting, and one of the best pieces of software of its kind around. Although, I do find it a bit annoying how easy it has made it for people who are completely ignorant about web development to call themselves “web developers”.

If you are a real web developer, a real programmer, I’m sure you will agree. Personally, I have attended a few meetups for wordpress developers, and have been completely disappointed to find that most of the people who attended were completely ignorant about the most basic web development related topics. People asking how to restore a site from a back up that they have of their database, people asking how you change the color of the header, people asking how to insert an image in a text widget. Those kind of people is whom I’m talking about. And not, I’m not referring to the young mom who wants to starts her own business, or at the man who recently got laid off and wants to try to make it on the web by selling his paintings. I am talking about people who say “My client wants a different color on the header, how do I do that?”. This are people talking about clients, and whatnot. People who should get as far from the computer as possible and repeat, “I am not a web developer. I am harming the web by doing what I do.”

And why it makes me so mad you ask? Because these “developers” load 20 plugins on a wordpress installation, a beautiful theme, with lots of options, copy and paste code from different places over the web, load mootools, jquery, yui, and “custom code”, and charge 300 USD. The site looks great, but it is piece of crap when you look beyond the pretty interface.

Don’t believe me? I invite you to go around the web and start checking the code of some of the websites you visit, especially if you suspect they are wordpress.

Right now I am looking at a site that has a of almost 200 lines. Loads up at least 10 CSS files, and some 12 javascript files. Has over 100 lines of hard coded CSS, and in the body loads more Javascript. It loads at least 2 version of jQuery and a different Javascript file for each version of IE. And all there is on the page is a contact form. This makes me want to kill somebody.

Sometimes I wish wordpress weren’t so easy. People go stupid with it. They load tons of plugins, and each plugin loads tons of other stuff. I ask myself, what would be the performance improvement if this website were actually developed by a real web developer. Someone who understands that http connections are to be reduced as much as possible, that javascript is to be loaded asynchronously or at the end of the document, that you don’t need 2 different ajax libraries, and definitely no two different versions of the same library. Some one who doesn’t need to load jQuery to do this:

    alert('hey you');

Someone who knows how to load resources only when they are needed, who doesn’t need to install a new plugin each time a new featured is to be added to the site.

If you are as passionate about the web as I am, you understand my frustration. Every time someone tells me that the web is more and more built on wordpress I can only say, unfortunately. And not because wordpress is bad, but because wordpress has made it easy for people to make bad websites. I cannot even say write bad websites, because that implies they are being written, but they are not. They are being put together like some kind of weird web-based Frankenstein.

And then they ask why the pretty photo stopped working.