Diveintohtm5.org is gone.

Today I learned by a tweet that diveintohtml5.org was gone. There is a mirror on diveintohtm5.info and there is another on http://diveintohtml5.ep.io/ . There are also mirrors of the diveintopython.org book and of The Man on github. But the question everybody is asking is, Where is The Man?

Mark Pilgrim, who I’ve decided to call “The Man”, has disappeared. Apparently none seems to know where he’s gone. There is only one tweet by @textfiles that reads

“Mark Pilgrim is alive/annoyed we called the police. Please stand down and give the man privacy and space, and thanks everyone for caring.”


For now, you can go to this mirrors of the old diveinto sites

And his GitHub projects have been also mirrored on https://github.com/diveintomark/