Add 1+ link to your hotmail signature!

I don’t know if this happens to you too, but  it happened to me that when I wanted to add more than one link to my hotmail signature, I couldn’t. Hotmail would allowed me to use the link button no more than one time. It seems that theyr’e trying to prevent us from advertising more than one website in our signature. However, we want to advertise more than one. So I was thinking for a little while about the matter and had an idea. “What if I save my signature whit one link and then I come back to add another link?”. I did so, and now I have more than one link in my signature. Whenever I want to add a new link the only think I have to do is go back and add the new link, save the signature and that’s it. So, if you have the same problem try with this technique!

No se si te pase lo mismo a ti, pero a mi me paso que cuando quice agregar mas de un enlace a mi firma en hotmail no pude. Hotmail no me dejaba usar el boton de enlaces mas de una vez. Al parecer estan tratyando de evitar que hagamos publicidad a mas de un sitio web en nuestra firma, pero nosotros queremos hacer publicidad a mas de un sitio web. Estuve pensando por un ratito en el asunto y tuve una idea. “Que tal si guardo mi firma con un elance y luego regreso a agregar otro enlace?”. Eso hice, y ahora tengo mas de un enlace en mi firma. Cuando quier agregar un enlace nuevo lo único que tengo que hacer es editar mi firma, agregar el enlace nuevo y eso es todo. Así que, si tu tienes el mismo problema prueba con esta técnica!


3 thoughts on “Add 1+ link to your hotmail signature!

  1. Be careful with adding links to the body or signature of your emails. A lot of legitimate emails are getting swept into the junk mail folder just because there is one too many links in the body of an email.

  2. Yeah.. I knew something about that, but I haven’t had any problem so far. I have only two links in my signature. Of course, is never a good idea to abuse. Thanks for the comment. I’m sure is going to be useful for lots of people.

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